Parallel classes in small groups available in our facilities.
group personal

A small group of 3-4 persons focused on safety first and foremost to exercise techniques. Each team is supervised by a trainer, with each person has his own program that fits the needs and personal goals for example: Reduce body fat, muscle strength, improve posture, prevent injury, improve function and mobility.

The fitness items in the group personal differ from the requirements of each person and each individual goal and all this stuff is available to create an alternative way of exercise and a fun workout experience.

  • suspension training (trx, aerosling),
  • free weights (dumbbells, kettlebells,
  • barbells, etc.)
  • resistance bands
  • balance instruments
  • fitness balls
  • as well as aerobic machines

The goal of group personal is to give people a personal fitness experience by developing a cooperation with the trainer and the other persons. Coexistence with others creates a more enjoyable and fun atmosphere. Coexistence with other people around also raises the fitness motivation.